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Pictures of the Green-breasted Mango from North Carolina!

And the Western Kingbird which was found by Peter Grube in Porter County, Indiana.

And the LeConte's Sparrow which was found by Jeff McCoy at Miller Beach, Lake County, Indiana.

And the LeConte's Sparrow we found in Southern Cass County, Indiana.

And the "Richardson's" Canada Goose at Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area, Pulaski County, Indiana.

And the Aurora Borealis, Howard County, Indiana.

And from Sandia Crest in New Mexico Rosy-Finches!, 21-Dec-2001.

And from near Los Alamos, New Mexico Three-toed Woodpeckers, 22-Dec-2001.

And from Sullivan County, Indiana, a portion of a very LARGE Common Grackle Flock, 01-Mar-2002.

And from Sullivan County, Indiana Hybrid Snow x Greater White-fronted Goose, 01-Mar-2002.

And from Everglades National Park, Florida 2 Greater Flamingos!, 02-Apr-2002.

And from Grand Kankakee Marsh, in Southern Lake County, Indiana, a Fulvous Whistling-Duck!, 08-Jun-2002.

Wilson's Phalarope & NEST from the Nature Conservancy's Kankakee Sands property

And from Northwestern Delaware County, Indiana, a Black-bellied Whistling-Duck!, 09-Jul-2002.

A Presentation on Birding and Technology that I've given to a few local birding groups.

A Long-billed Murrelet from the Ohio River between Louisville, Kentucky and Jeffersonville, Indiana, 30-Oct-2002.

A Rufous / Allen's Hummingbird from Lafayette, Indiana, 05-Nov-2002.
And the nice "Hummer Haven" that the Lah's have constructed to help this bird overwinter. Photo by Ron & Laura Lah.

Another Rufous /Allen's Hummingbird from Marion, Indiana, 15-Nov-2002.

A couple of RARE Texas Butterflies from our recent trip:
First the 5th State record of Fritzgaertner's Flat
and then a Guatemalan Cracker.

The latest South Texas trip with Jim and Susan Hengeveld produced several great butterflies:

Probable Yojoa Scrub-Hairstreak (Strymon yojoa)

Many-banded Daggerwing (Marpesia chiron), Crimson Patch (Chlosyne janais), Celia's Roadside-Skipper (Amblyscirtes celia), and Double-Dotted Skipper (Decinea percosius).

White-crescent Longtail (Codatractus alcaeus), Tropical White (Florida White), (Appias drusilla), White Scrub-Hairstreak, (Strymon albata), and Falcate Skipper, (Spathilepia clonius).

Hoary Skipper (Carrenhenes canescens) and ANOTHER White Scrub-Hairstreak (Strymon albata).

Photos from our November 2004 Texas Trip below:

See the photos of the 2nd US Record of Common Melwhite (Melete lycimnia isandra)

Photos of the Tropical Greenstreak (Cyanophrys herodotus) found by Jim Hengeveld at the Bentsen World Birding Center near Mission, Texas.

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