Long-billed Murrelet
Louisville, Kentucky / Jeffersonville, Indiana

30 October 2002

The following photo was taken with a Nikon Coolpix 995 Digital Camera attached to a Leica APO Televid Spotting scope. This bird was found by David Roemer on 29 Oct 2002 near the Water Tower Museum in Louisville, Kentucky.

It spent most of the day on 30 Oct 2002 ranging up and down the river in Kentucky waters, but approached the Indiana shoreline once early on. The bird was seen from as far east as Duffy's Landing (Indiana Side) to as far west as the McAlpine Dam (Kentucky Side). Some observers got to see the bird from less than 15 feet when it approached near the "Belle of Louisville" steamer on the Louisville riverfront.

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Long-billed Murrelet