Common Melwhite
(Melete lycimnia isandra)
NABA International Butterfly Park
Mission, Texas, USA

Below are the photos of the SECOND US RECORD of Common Melwhite. This individual was first found by Dave Hanson. Dave was kind enough to come out and meet our Indiana group of butterfliers: Jim & Susan Hengeveld (Bloomington, IN) and Joanne & Phil Kelly for about 1/2 hour before going on to other commitments. BOY ARE WE GLAD HE DID!

The FIRST US RECORD of this GENUS (not just species!) was found on 20-November-2004 by Jan & David Dauphin of Mission, Texas! Be sure to visit their wonderful South Texas Nature site HERE. Follow the links to Jan's photos to see the Melwhite from their yard.

You can view Dave Hanson's photos of the SAME INDIVIDUAL that is shown below on the NABA South Texas Chapter website.

Dave's initial comment on seeing the insect was ohh, you better take pictures of THAT ONE! Thanks to Dave's urging, here is a sample of the best shots Phil got.

Click on each to see a larger version.

Common Melwhite Image Right

Common Melwhite Image Left

Common Melwhite Image Dorsal

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