"Richardson's" Canada Goose - Pulaski County, Indiana

04 November 2001

The following photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 995 Digital Camera attached to a Swarovski ST-80HD telescope.

This bird was seen in the "Sandhill Crane" field at the Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife area (northwestern Indiana). It was toward the back of the field, so the image quality isn't great, but the size of the bird in comparison to the surrounding Canada Geese really made it stand out. The first image in the series shows how it was standing when originally spotted. At first, I thought it was a Brant, due to the extremely dark appearance and the fact that it's head wasn't visible while it was preening!

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Richardson's Canada Goose Photo 1

Richardson's Canada Goose Photo 2

Richardson's Canada Goose Photo 3