Tropical Greenstreak
(Cyanophrys herodotus)
World Birding Center - Bentsen State Park
Mission, Texas, USA

The photos below are of the Tropical Greenstreak (Cyanophrys herodotus) found by Jim Hengeveld on the morning of 23-November-2004. This individual was well seen and photographed by: Jim & Susan Hengeveld, Phil & Joanne Kelly, Dave Hanson, David & Jan Dauphin (some of Jan's photos are here), Bentam Basham and several of the staff of Bentsen State Park.

Jan & David Dauphin remembered reading earlier comments about the frons (forehead) helping to identify Cyanophrys. This prompted all of us to try and get good photos of this part of the individual.

My own quick search of TX-Butterfly found this posting by Mike Overton.

This individual has a GREEN frons, and DOES have tails, indicating herodotus.

Click on each to see a larger version.

Tropical Greenstreak Image Right

Tropical Greenstreak Image Left

Tropical Greenstreak Image Frons

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